YA GUEY - Spanish saying Holo Button

YA GUEY - Spanish saying Holo Button

you can wear historic Latino parents sayings on your lanyard, backpack, etc.

1.5inches of history, made also famous by two mexican cousins.

ships via usps


The video clip features Mexican cousins Édgar Martinez and Fernando, hiking in a ranch near their home town of Monterrey with their uncle, Raúl, who serves as the cameraman and tour companion. It starts with Édgar expressing fear when using a makeshift bridge made from two long branches that crosses a small stream when Fernando makes a joke about pushing Édgar off the bridge into the water. Fernando assures Édgar that he wouldn't fall, which temporarily consoles the still-hesitant Edgar, who then commences the crossing. Once Édgar is at the middle of the bridge, Fernando starts moving one of the branches, causing the former to curse angrily in a Mexican norteño (more specifically, northeastern) accent, saying "¡Ya wey!, ¡pinche pendejo wey!, ¡ya!” After Édgar calls Fernando an "idiota" (idiot) while begging for him to stop, Fernando drops the branch and Édgar finally loses his balance, plunging into the stream. Édgar curses more intensively as he emerges from the water, while Fernando asks for forgiveness.